The best Japanese cream pan bakery in Kyoto

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You can see many bakeries in Kyoto.
Japanese people get involved with breads from old times, especially in Kyoto.
So everyone love to eat Japanese bread!

I’d like to introduce a Japanese popular bread (bakery) in Kyoto.

“kin・iro” Kyoto

“kin・iro” is a popular bakery in Kyoto and started since spring in 2018.
“kin・iro” sells only cream pan(Japanese sweet bread).
This bakery’s cream pan is a unique because to be used honey and Japanese traditional ingredients.
Kaneichi-shouten(金市商店) is a shop that making and selling honey in Kyoto.
This shop has a long history and want to spread enjoy honey to people, so
opened a honey cream pan specialty bakery.  This is “kin・iro” .



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“kin・iro” is located on Sanjo(三条) area and near Kyoto station.
There are two shops in Kyoto.

These breads are take-away only!!


1.  kin・iro (Main)

Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Nakanocho, 21


2.  kin・iro (Isetan Kyoto)

Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Higashishiokōjichō,
901 Karasuma Dori


Type of Cream Pan

there are some kind of cream pan in “kin・iro”.


1. kin・iro 金色

cream pan4

“kin・iro” is white cream pan.
This puts in blueberry-honey custard cream and puts on gold powder.


2. kuro・iro 黒色

cream pan3

“kuro・iro” is black cream pan.
This black is black cacao paste.
This contains bitter taste (cacao and coffee) and sweet taste (honey and custard cream)
also puts on Japanese traditional gold leaf(金箔).


3. kina・ko きな粉

cream pan2

“kina・ko” is Japanese sweet kinako(きな粉) cream pan.
This puts in kinako and honey custard cream.


4. soba・mitsu そば蜜

cream pan

“soba・mitsu” is green cream pan. This green is Mattcha paste.
“soba・mitsu” puts in soba-honey custard cream.


5. choco・iro チョコ色

cream pan1

”choco・iro” is cream pan collaborating with famous chocolaterie-Dari K.
This puts in luxury cacao and honey.


Price: about 500 yen par cream pan

These cream pan are sold only at Kyoto, Japan.
When you visit to Kyoto, try to eat!!